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554 S San Vicente Blvd #110 90048 Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (323) 883-1777

Individual Therapy: The focus in these sessions is on having a better understanding of the feelings, thoughts and actions that create low self-esteem, anxiety and are obstacles to well-being and a better sense of self. We pay attention to the the negative ‘self talk’ and find ways of re-framing rigid cognitive messages. We work collaboratively to identify strengths, learn new skills and tap into unexplored resources that facilitate growth, fluidity and self-knowledge. We also explore those ‘existential angst’ moments by addressing questions to do with purposefulness and value.

Couples Therapy: I offer a full range of relationship counseling services: couples counseling, marriage counseling and premarital counseling. In my work with couples, we address ways to communicate more effectively, reduce conflict and create more intimacy. We develop skills in ways to listen differently, gain new perspectives and find ways to tolerate the naturally occurring differences between you. We identify embedded patterns of behavior and how to create possibilities for change. Being in a better relationship requires commitment and practice. Cultural differences are addressed, as well as the invaluable skill of negotiation.

Sex Therapy: Sex therapy is a form of psychotherapy with a focus on specific concerns related to sex. It is strictly talk therapy. Since the mind is the largest sex organ, we explore its relationship with sexuality and intimacy and work to create a balanced relationship. We focus on sexuality within the context of your personal development. We investigate your relationship with your body, the construction of your sexual script and ways to challenge it. We explore ways to talk comfortably about sex with the important people in your life. Sexual concerns may also include erectile dysfunction, preorgasmia, sexual anxiety, lack of desire. Sex therapy can be effective for couples and individuals of any gender or sexual orientation.